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A legacy of taste for the whole family
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The CFB story

What started as three generations of passionate foodies, has driven an unfailing commitment to authentic flavours.

With a goal to make food that we’d be happy with to eat ourselves, our range is one that delivers home-style quality with every single bite.

The founders of the company created and still runs award-winning restaurants that became favourites for generations of consumers. Within these, they are unfailing in delivering the best, the most innovative and the best value – even if it costs them more. That means you deal with founders that have real pride and commitment to what they do. For them, this is not a job, it is a passion.

They know that only quality and taste, at a reasonable price, will make consumers buy again-and-again. There is no margin for error, one bad experience and a consumer is lost forever. Only deep commitment ensures this passion translates into value for retailers and their consumers.

Because of their heritage and reputation, they are driven by entrepreneurial values, they understand the challenges of retailers and restaurants and they have first-hand experience of consumers, their tastes, their likes and dislikes. They take personal responsibility for delivering the best they can.

To quote their motto:

“We believe in giving customers the best or nothing!”

Our Team

Our two founding partners, having been in the retail, restaurant and food industry for over 30 years, have the perfect understanding and extensive experience in crafting the perfect chicken products, in order to bring restaurant quality pre-prepared food to the table at home.

They have been perfecting recipes and manufacturing quality wholesale chicken products since 1994, when the idea that everyone should be able to serve chef-quality quick meals at home, first originated.

Retail Customers

OK Foods
Food Lovers Market

Our process

Although we’re proud to be South African manufacturers, we rely on a state-of-the-art European manufacturing plant.

This allows us to ensure that we bring nothing but the highest quality products from our premises to your kitchen.

Growing together

The addition of a new 3000sq meter factory in Phoenix Industrial park, Durban, means further opportunities for expansion in line with our vision. Growth is vital to us and it’s why we empower our staff through various training programmes. In doing so, they can strive for greatness in their own lives, which always reflects in the food that they help us create for you.

Dedicated staff at work in our state-of-the-art European manufacturing plant, in Phoenix Industrial park, Durban.

CFB - Chicken creation process Step 1
CFB - Chicken creation process Step 3
CFB - Chicken creation process Step 2
CFB - Chicken creation process Step 4

What sets us apart

Since inception:

  • We have proven the significant traction of our brands against competitors.
  • Our brands are clearly differentiated.
  • Our production processes are unique.
  • The trade margin delivery potential is high.
  • Our range covers the SA market needs.


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